The Worst is Over... :)

by Jamie Bennett

So this is just a quick update about how our show season has been, and a run down of what is coming in the next couple months. The title of this blog post is in reference to nothing... lol... In advertising, the worst is never over, it's just lying dormant. It just felt good to say that the worst is over because, I have been working really hard the last several months.

To begin with, on the left you will see the artwork for this year's festival shirts. It will be printed on neon shirts, using bright neon inks. I can't wait to get my hands on one of these bad boys.

Second, the paper cutter is holding it's own and so if my new printer. Over the last month I have printed, cut and shipped over 80k direct mailers to promote our various shows around Oregon. This has arguably been our most successful show season to date.

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