Light Parades

by Jamie Bennett

This year I did the Junction City (12/07/12) and Harrisburg (12/08/12) light shows as Eggie. I gave out some SWAG and was mobbed. People were shacking me. I got separated from the RV but it was a lot of fun. I even got a really nice email from a customer saying that her son wouldn’t take our glasses off.

I like doing Eggie because people light up when they see you and you can give out a little SWAG which people love FREE stuff and it makes them feel cared for. I love Guerrilla marketing because it allows me to connect one on one with customers and literally bring them into our dealership as a result.

It is very true that if you give people something than you earn their favor.

Eggie Goes to College GameDay

by Jamie Bennett


When I go out and make these Eggie appearances my primary responsibility is to engage the crowd around me and to try. I try to keep my energy levels high and our primary goal is to have some positive interactions with the people we encounter. GameDay (11/17/12) was packed. There was no way to score a picture with the Duck as he crowd surfed, road a Harley and that was just fine with me. Being that this was a University of Oregon related function I figured we should keep somewhat of a low profile. I also can’t cut through crowds easily in the suit. We started passing out SWAG and working the out rim of the massive crowd. The hardhat featured below was given to me at Extreme Makeover : Home Edition.


I was getting mobbed for LED glasses. I was carrying a ton of Gatorade bottles and passing those out as we moved from place to place. At some point we ran into the gentleman below (featured left). I believe he said his name was Tom (Thom). I guess this is a character he does. He and Guaranty’s photographer Jason exchanged information and I gave him a sports drink. He seemed pretty excited and we ran into him an handful of other times through out the event.

I heard the band start to fire up and so I figured that it was time to try and get Eggie on some ESPN coverage (featured right).


I also hoped to increase the populations general awareness of my presence at the event. The band was positioned towards the back. They were massive and because all the security was up by the stage we had no problem mixing in to snag some killer pictures. Everyone seemed excited to see us. Some band members asked to have their picture taken with Eggie and we decided it was time to leave. Before leaving, we also wanted to snag a couple pictures with the local law enforcement who was patrolling the event. I figured that these are our customer too and I assured them that nothing would be photoshopped into this picture (lol).



Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

by Jamie Bennett


Just another day in the life of an egg... Guaranty’s Girls Night Out sponsored a team to take part in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. I went before the start of the event to mingle, pass out S.W.A.G. and to give participants a photo opportunity.

It was cold and grey. After mingling I took off my egg outfit to participate with my wife and daughter (other participants too) in the walk. It was a great way to start the morning. I looked crazier without the egg. I made our group shirts.



Bi-Mart Willamette Country Music Festival - Eggie

by Jamie Bennett


Bi-Mart Willamette Country Music Festival in Brownsville, Ore., attracts some pretty major country music acts. Guaranty has a display and I went along to work the crowd. I passed out frisbees, glow sticks, LED glasses and koozies. Everyone was excited to see me and posed for pictures. I think someone was talking about depantsing me but it never amounted to anything.

People loved the LED glasses and camouflage koozies. This is good because they are easy to haul around inside the egg suit. I have a CamelBak in there too. Keeping things light makes it easier to go longer. I got mobbed for the glasses a number of times. The concert ran August 17, 18 and 19. I was there to set up and I did some guerrilla marketing on Saturday the 18th.



Bi-Mart Willamette Country Music Festival - New Signs

by Jamie Bennett


Bi-Mart Willamette Country Music Festival in Brownsville, Ore., is an event that defines Guaranty’s customer base. I got some new mesh signs and frames that I was privileged enough to put together in 106F degree temperature. They are incredible and a great addition to the arsenal.

Every year I go out and put removable decals on our RVs at the Country Music Festival. I can’t put the decals on during the afternoon because it gets to hot when the sun comes up. The decals are heat sensitive and can become like liquid in the sun. Last year I did these decals before the sun came up but this year I opted to do it at night (picture bottom far left). I can’t put decals on in an RV bay because we don’t know how positioning will work until we get to this event. So basically it is up to me to race the sun and get all our decals up in prominent locations in a timely fashion.


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