Ground Zero – Merry Christmas!

by Jamie Bennett

So this is the first actual day of posting my blog. So many things have happened to me over the years and I am sad to say that I haven’t preserved all the experiences I should have. There have been numerous openings and marketing experiences that are forever filed in my memory bank. Now I have a place to archive these experiences. I was inspired to finally sit down and blog all these experiences after the last several years of repeat events. It is now my responsibility to try and go as far back as possible to preserve some of my guerilla marketing experiences before they are lost forever.

This animated short was made for Guaranty. I tried to make it as quickly as possible so that I could continue working on other projects but animation is time consuming and tricky. Most of my time was spent trying to figure out an order of events.

I really enjoy the look of surprise on the third snowman (far left). This is before the motorhome runs him/her down. I also love the penguins in the Alamo scene and the mummy.

I could easily waste another day improving it but I love it’s timing and the choppiness fits the style we were shooting for. I mixed in some clip art to save time as well. I hope you enjoy.

Next order of business is to develop my own YouTube channel. That is, of course, after I spend some time fleshing out this blog a little more.


Santa Comes to Guaranty

by Jamie Bennett


Guaranty started offering FREE Santa pictures to the local community and it’s customers a while back. Guaranty also owns it’s own Santa suit. Junction City is a small town and everyone really tries to look out for one another. Guaranty thought that they would offer this photo opportunity as a way of allowing many children an opportunity to see Santa that otherwise wouldn’t have the means of seeing him.

I played Santa this year to keep the tradition alive. I am not as, let’s say, jolly as my predecessors so I had to stuff the suit pretty heavily. I stayed in character the entire time and had a delightful afternoon. Roughly twenty families showed up and several employees had a turn on my lap.



Santa Socks

by Jamie Bennett


I was Santa. I delivered hats and socks to Saint Vincent De Paul’s for Guaranty dressed as Santa. I than passed out candy canes to underprivileged children at the drop site. I helped them pick out winter hats and even got on the local news.


It was a lot of fun playing Santa. I had a great Santa voice and looked good (a little skinny). I sang Jingle Bells with the children and I even told one of the kids that I knew Spiderman. The footage was great but the two stations covering the event never archived any of the video online. One station did archive the
story. I saw it on TV once and once only. At least I have some photo’s, I got a number of positive email and I’ll always have the memories.


Light Parades

by Jamie Bennett

This year I did the Junction City (12/07/12) and Harrisburg (12/08/12) light shows as Eggie. I gave out some SWAG and was mobbed. People were shacking me. I got separated from the RV but it was a lot of fun. I even got a really nice email from a customer saying that her son wouldn’t take our glasses off.

I like doing Eggie because people light up when they see you and you can give out a little SWAG which people love FREE stuff and it makes them feel cared for. I love Guerrilla marketing because it allows me to connect one on one with customers and literally bring them into our dealership as a result.

It is very true that if you give people something than you earn their favor.

Eggie Goes to College GameDay

by Jamie Bennett


When I go out and make these Eggie appearances my primary responsibility is to engage the crowd around me and to try. I try to keep my energy levels high and our primary goal is to have some positive interactions with the people we encounter. GameDay (11/17/12) was packed. There was no way to score a picture with the Duck as he crowd surfed, road a Harley and that was just fine with me. Being that this was a University of Oregon related function I figured we should keep somewhat of a low profile. I also can’t cut through crowds easily in the suit. We started passing out SWAG and working the out rim of the massive crowd. The hardhat featured below was given to me at Extreme Makeover : Home Edition.


I was getting mobbed for LED glasses. I was carrying a ton of Gatorade bottles and passing those out as we moved from place to place. At some point we ran into the gentleman below (featured left). I believe he said his name was Tom (Thom). I guess this is a character he does. He and Guaranty’s photographer Jason exchanged information and I gave him a sports drink. He seemed pretty excited and we ran into him an handful of other times through out the event.

I heard the band start to fire up and so I figured that it was time to try and get Eggie on some ESPN coverage (featured right).


I also hoped to increase the populations general awareness of my presence at the event. The band was positioned towards the back. They were massive and because all the security was up by the stage we had no problem mixing in to snag some killer pictures. Everyone seemed excited to see us. Some band members asked to have their picture taken with Eggie and we decided it was time to leave. Before leaving, we also wanted to snag a couple pictures with the local law enforcement who was patrolling the event. I figured that these are our customer too and I assured them that nothing would be photoshopped into this picture (lol).


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