Christmas in Retrospect

by Jamie Bennett

This Christmas the family and I went to visit the in laws down in Southern California. Anne came with us and we all had a marvelous time. We towed the Airstream down the I-5 behind our Chevy conversion van and it was so much fun. We visited the Winchester Mystery Mansion which was incredibly bizarre and simultaneously intriguing. All the old textures and artwork was most impressive. I don't want to give to much away but if you are ever in San Jose it is totally worth stopping in. This vacation was a most welcome adventure after a long year of advertising and I am now totally refreshed.

I played Santa three times this year.  I was Santa at the grand opening of the brand new Guaranty RV travel center, at the Chevy dealership and finally I again delivered warm socks to underprivileged families. I had a blast. When I play Santa I give 110%. I have the voice down and I stay in character regardless of who I am speaking to. I even deny playing Santa when I am out of character. I tell people that I was at home sick all day.

For the most part I dealt entirely with the children. I listened to what they wanted and insisted that everyone be good boys and girls for their parents. I also took several fun photos for future social media posts. All the kids were most polite and even those that looked skeptical weren't brazen enough to risk any future presents by outing me. Some kids were afraid of me (including my own) but that is to be expected.

This year I also delivered hats and socks to less fortunate families. A news crew was there and the story did appear on television (the newscast was not archived online). There is, however, a small blurb about it. 

It is most rewarding to work at a company that cares.

New Site – Under Construction

by Jamie Bennett  is being overhauled. Cascade Colour became an official LLC over the summer and we just wrapped up a ton of work for the Lane County Parks department. It is time to give the old site a facelift, as well as rework it's optimization for mobile devices. This site and blog is a work in progress but we hope that you find the commentary insightful and the artwork inspiring.

New to the team is Anne C. Anne joined Jamie this summer and worked with him freelancing for the Lane County Parks department. It was an exciting experience in team building and we got tons of exciting pictures to share with you. 

We currently have a back log of blog stories to post, so please be patient and check back in the archives frequently (as I continue to amend our history, over the next several weeks). I hope this blog serves as a resource for like minded creatives, that you find value in our posts and I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Some pages are currently empty. I am hoping to finish those pages some time this or next week but at least the portfolio pages are up and running at this time.


Halloween – Fall Harvest Festival 2013

by Jamie Bennett

So Halloween, 2014, for any number of days, over a two week time span I paper mached a giant monster head and arms for a popup tent trailer. I mixed equal parts flour and water and this is the largest paper mache (thing) that I have personally completed to date... out of paper mache. I used all my seventh grade chicken wire training and assembled this beast.

The monster is a Rockwood Tent Trailer by Forest River. I believe it was 19 feet long, which is short as these models go. The monster's bones are paper wads and chicken wire, sealed in a gesso mesh of paper mache. I used gesso and a Rustoleum spray paint to seal the thing against the elements. I made teeth with bunting and the tongue is  red astroturf. It had a uvula. I balasted with sand and bungees. I was exhausted when this was done, my hands hurt but it was an epic photo op for the guests of the Northwest Adventure Rally. 

... My family went as Pandas for Halloween.

In addition to the monster I painted these cutouts. People love cutouts. As a kid I thought similar photo ops were just about the funniest things, whenever I attended fairs and/or events. I would often repeat cutouts (for years even) – switching partners and places. Here is my wife and I. She is my inspiration. 

... And
to the right is my daughter. She isn't as fond of cutouts as I was at her age... Different strokes...


BMW Wrap Winner

by Jamie Bennett

So Anne Cunningham and Jamie Bennett won third prize in a Portland wrap design competition (2013). We can only talk about it now. Jamie was told about the competition and hatched a scheme to get some money / had a good idea. Anne Cunningham shot the photos with a microscopic lens and in all honesty we should probably post those images because they were great.

Below are some image of Jamie holding the winnings. Where is Anne? I don’t know.


Roughly 70 people entered from as far away as Africa and we won third. I knew we would. We are happy to donated the money to Kiddos. I hope that we win again next year.


Below are first and second winners (actually were wrapped). I wish we got wrapped but the money was just fine.



Safety Trained

by Jamie Bennett

I was trained to operate a work platform. You don’t have to tell me that falling off one of these is a bad idea but in order to stay safe there is a lot to consider.

I used the work platform to install some vinyl decals over a blacked out sign. It is a temporary sign just for the remodel (10x10).


It was really crazy doing such a large sign in such a small space. It was also crazy working so high up in the air. This was the craziest variation on a decal installation that I could have ever imagined. It was incredibly fun and a great way to spend the afternoon.

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