Fun with Hydrochloric Acid

by Jamie Bennett

So my hydrochloric acid finally came in and I was able to try out some acid etching for the first time. It was a lot of fun. I was slightly nervous, thinking that I might come out looking like the Phantom of the Opera but it all went very smoothly. I made sure I was completely covered and wore a mask. If you haven't ever worked around hydrochloric acid know only that this acid is super corrosive towards organic materials and it smells awful. Even breathing in a small amount is enough to make you gag.

There are a couple of reasons that I am now working on these etchings.

1) I was hired by Lunar Logic to come up with some artwork for their new office and I thought this would be the right time to try acid etching.

2) I have been wanting to try acid etching ever since I bought my plotter because they go hand in hand.

3) I would like to see if etching is something that I would like to include in my next Pacific University showing. I am also working with spray paint these days (more to come soon).

Below is the design I etched. I am going to keep experimenting but so far it couldn't be going better. I still have my boyish good looks and this is a very effective way to imprint into aluminum.


The Eggman's on the Move

by Jamie Bennett

So in 2014 I have already had some fairly high profile Eggie appearances. The image to the left is a radio remote in Junction City but I have also made appearance so far at the Pear Blossom Parade and McMinnville's UFO Festival. I will hopefully be making an appearance at the Cape Blanco Country Music Festival and you know you'll find me at Willamette Country Music Festival.

To the left is a photo of myself and other participents at Medford's Pear Blossom Parade. I walked something like three miles in the egg suite – hugging and high-fiving the whole way. Kids love Eggie. They may not always know who or what I am but they just light up when I walk by. We passed out water and I was sweating like crazy. This took place Saturday, April 12 and was a lot of fun. After all this excitement I slept the whole way home. Thank God for my wife being there to take the wheel. I can't wait to do this all over again next year.

To the right is a photo of Eggie at the McMinville UFO Festival. This festival was incredible. I wish that I got to spend more time there. There were lectures, movies and parties. I just walked in the parade which was a lot of fun in and of it's self. I decorated a class B van with all sorts of UFO decals. I also made Eggie up to look like Spok, complete with pointy ears and my wife even made Eggie a beautiful silver cape. This parade took place Saturday, May 17 and I couldn't be leave the quality of floats that participated. I am very excited for the prospect of doing it all over again next year!

Darkroom is Up and Running

by Jamie Bennett

So the darkroom is up and running. I blacked out the windows in my utility room and began setting screens this last weekend. The room still needs some more blacking out to be totally light proof but I am really happy with how things are going.I took some old blacked out billboards and started hanging them here and there throughout the room – taping over any holes with black duct tape. I could have easily spent the entire weekend continuing to black out the room but I was ready to set some screens. It had been years since the last time I actually screen printed anything.

I had just gotten some presensitized photo emulsion and I was just too excited to wait any longer. I waited till the sun moved low enough in the sky to begin setting the screens without fear of overexposing them. I had cleaned off some old screens and had them standing at the ready. 

I waited roughly four hours for the screens to dry. It is always really important to make sure the screens are totally dry. Better safe than sorry and without the room totally sealed off from light, the whole evening was riding on my perfect timing.

I'ld love to say it all went super smooth that first night but I was a little too impatient and probably should have let the screens dry for another half an hour. It's wasn't totally ruined but I am a perfectionist. I set the screens without any problem on the second night. I printed my first set of shirts by Sunday morning.

The shirts are of Eggie and I also ran out some decals while I was waiting for things to dry and expose. All in all, it was a great learning process and I can't wait to do it again. I need to finish blacking out the room before I print anymore shirts but I love having this dedicated space.  There is a fridge, large sink, work surfaces, washer and dryer. What more do you need?

Nia and I also recently purchase a photo enlarger that we found at Goodwill for $50. With any luck my utility room will be an incredible studio space where I can house my more caustic materials. I am waiting on some spray paint as we speak and also imagine to install a kiln in the immediate future.


Still Mourning TNB

by Jamie Bennett

My friend, roommate and patron Dr. Thomas Nesbit recently passed... Well he passed in February but I was hoping, on some level, that it was all an elaborate hoax. You are truly missed. I missed you when you were still alive and should have made more time to visit you.

My condolences to everyone who knew Thomas... I only wish I knew him better and for longer. If your looking for a great read than download Deep Fried by Dr. Thomas Nesbit. I keep hoping this is some sort of social experiment and he calls.

I had always hoped that he and I would get to work on his next big book. Here is a link to Thomas's obituary, as well as, a link to his site where you can purchase Deep Fried

Thomas was one of the coolest, nicest persons that I ever did meet.

S.E.E. See Everything Everywhere

by Jamie Bennett

S.E.E. is and incredible metaphysical zine that is all about consciousness. It's roughly 28 pages long and packed with incredible artwork from multiple artists, across the globe. It is a really interesting read and I am glad to have participated in the project. The print quality itself is really good. Chris Reynolds, a long time friend and fellow artist, was the brainchild behind this publication. He truly outdid himself.

I immediately wanted to help Chris when he told me about this project. I offered to create decals to help promote the project and I ended up creating three different sets. If you are one of the first 100 to order a copy of S.E.E. you will get one of the original decals. Copies are only $5 and you can order them by mail or in person, if you live in Payson, Ariz.

To the left you can see the cover of the publication and a teaser from an interior page. I can't stress enough how pleased I am with how the publication turned out. I will probably begin producing copies for the Willamette Valley.

Please select "Read more" to view some of the decals that were created for this project. I have also posted information on how you can receive a copy of this zine. Please order a copy and support the very talented artist that made this project possible.

I love the decals that were produced for this project. I used  artwork that Chris mailed to me but with my own interpretation. You can get an idea of what was produced to the right. Mudhead is a character that Chris uses in his personal artwork. I took this character and added some final touches to him for the decals. I also created a couple new characters so it's a 50/50 split of Chris and my artwork. I have already received photos of these decals on personal vehicles as far away as Connecticut.
If you want your own copy of S.E.E. please send $5 to the address below. The first 100 copies will receive a decal.

S.E.E. c/o Chris Reynold
1304 N. Beeline HWY #29
Payson, AZ 85541, USA

I really hope there is a second issue. This project was a lot of fun to work on. The end product was incredible and I feel very lucky to know an artist as talented as Mr. Chris Reynolds.

This portion has been posted after the original post. I just wanted to share that the publication appears in the Fluxbox Exhibit curated by Keith A. Buchholz, at the Art Institute of Chicago in the Joan Flasch Library. 

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