Guy Reporting

by Jamie Bennett

During the month of March 1 was doing a mock news report at Mohawk Tavern in Springfield, Ore. I was Guy Reporting and the whole thing was a lot of fun. I was going to post this sooner but as usual I am slammed. I am editing a final rendition of Mohawk's video now that will be a generic commercial for electronic promotion. It should be out sometime April or May. It was fun shooting these. Just a world wind style of shooting in an attempt to gather assets for this future commercial. I am hopeful to have a video for Cascade Colour in the near future. 

Click Here to View This Video!!!


So in the near future you can expect more videos to be posted. I am also going to change up things like my logo, and possibly the manner in which I post. Less wordy blogs, more video and a fresh look is what I am hoping for. Hopefully sooner rather than later depending on my schedule!


by Jamie Bennett

Recently I got the opportunity to install some decals on the front of the Beergarden in Eugene, Ore. We got up early, did the damn thing and it looked great. These decals are to promote the Beergarden's Bacon, Bluegrass and Boneyard event. I plan to attend this event for my birthday, and maybe take photos. I am definitely going to eat a bunch of bacon.

Read on to see the full installed graphic, and to learn about future projects.

Below is the full window with decals installed. This was a really fun project that I got to work on with Casey (featured above and to the right).

There were some odd people who stopped by during the installation. Whenever I install decals it seems to attract lookie loos. There was a man looking for a job. He stopped by at a very awkward moment, and it was hard to give him the attention that I know he wanted. Then there was some crazy crackhead who was running around like a super hero.

I love Beergarden. They have great food and a fantastic, friendly staff. There are a ton of options at their food carts, and their pricing is extremely affordable. I would recommend Beergarden for the great food, music and to anyone looking to try a wide variety of craft beers.

In the future I am planning on releasing a business video that will highlight all the services that I offer. You will be able to see me in action and hear my voice. It's taken me awhile to get the equipment needed to do this, but I now have the technology. I also took January off of this blog to help pilot a personal side project. I can't talk about it at this time, but it's going really well. Thanks for reading this post and have a fantastic February.

Supper with Santa 2016

by Jamie Bennett

So this year I only got to play Santa once, and to mix it up, we decided to make it a dinner party. It was great! It lasted a little more than an hour. All the kids showed up in that time, got something to eat and were well behaved. To the left is a picture of my family with Santa (me). Everyone who participated received good food, special treats and a printed photo. 

I would have liked have liked to play Santa at least one more time this year, but my production schedule is going to make that impossible. Guaranty purchased a new Santa suit, and it's incredibly nice. The boots are especially nice. They even got me a fake tummy. 

Well, merry Christmas, happy holidays and have yourself a fantastic New Year. I am headed to Disneyland next week.

Click here to see the photos of me playing Santa!

Three Time Contest Winner!

by Jamie Bennett

I actually only won one costume contest this year, and that would be the Guaranty costume contest. I won a prize pack, complete with Ryan Reynolds DVD, Halloween stuff and more... But I feel like I won three times. Winning for Guaranty was great. I have been stymied in previous years. I thought Bad Sam was an obvious winner in 2015, but I won this year. I also got a $25 gift card for the Guaranty Travel Center. We sell food there and have something like 18+ beers on tap. I spent at least $18 of my gift card on Ninkasi. 

Ninkasi is my favorite beer. When I first moved to Eugene I was drinking swill, but I went to a Rotarian benefit where they served free Ninkasi. I was hooked from that moment, and most other beers have been undesirable ever since. I participated in the Dawn of the Red costume contest this year. I didn't win, but they did send me this sweet shirt and growler.

So I won three times. I won at Guaranty, bought Ninkasi and then Ninkasi hooked my shit up with this sweet gear. If you're into beer, then you gotta buy Ninkasi. I like their Total Domination and just about everything else like #dawnofthered. Check out all of their great beers here.

Read on to see my Halloween costume, and the costume of someone who went as me for Halloween.

On the far right you can see my Halloween costume. I went as the Hulk and it was brilliant. The rest as my family went as DC Superheros. I like both DC and Marvel. I thought for a second about going as Red Hulk. Yes, there is a Red Hulk, look it up, and the reason I didn't go as him is because, no one would know who I was. I got some great photos of me taking my body paint off. You can find them on my Instagram

I had a great anniversary with my wife and our daughter. It was our seven year anniversary. To the immediate right you can see a photo of me as I appear everyday at work.


It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!

by Jamie Bennett

Halloween is my favorite time of year. I love fall, skeletons, ghouls, costumes, and everything else that is this holiday. To the left is a photo of the family in Saint Helens, OR.
We visited this year for the spirit of Halloweentown.

Halloweentown is a made-for-TV movie that premiered on the Disney Channel back when I was just a kid. Kimberly Jean Brown plays Marnie, a teenage girl who is unknowingly a witch.  Marnie and her family go to Halloweentown and save the day. Halloweentown is in fact Saint Helens, and every year they celebrate. Click to learn more about the Spirit of Halloweentown.

Read on to Learn More About My October.

We had a great time. Marnie read to us from her new children's book, and we received a signed copy. We also got pictures with her in a cab (movie prop). I hope she comes back next year, because we had an amazing time. I even had a chili dog name Kalabar's Revenge. Kalabar is the villain. We counted down the pumpkin lighting, and it was just a wonderful experience all around. It was around this time my daughter received a kitten and named it Marnie.

In addition to Halloweentown we have ventured through the Lone Pine corn maze, decorated, carved pumpkins, attended a Halloween dance, a Halloween fair, I will be competing in two costume contests, and the list goes on and on. I love this time of year, and I love my family. My wife and I will be celebrating seven years of marriage on October 31, 2016.
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